DtStP and Me

-DtStP & Me-

Despite this and subsequent posts, DtStP isn’t a blog. I’ve decided that the site has too much going on (or not going on in some places) to not have some kid of update log.

I started toying with this site around the time I was elected Chair of the CapitolRiver Council in 2019. I’ve made some minor improvements to the CRC website, but the rate I was discovering things and coming up with ideas for things was far outpacing the rate at which CRC was moving for me, so the idea of DtStP became kind of a chronicle of things that I found interesting. Since COVID began, I’ve found myself with enough extra time on my hands to put more work into these kinds of things, so here we are.

I recently spent an undisclosed amount of time getting the Skyway Bridges and Skyway Buildings pages put together. I know they need something more, more information about the buildings (ownership/management, street access, storefront businesses, parking, interesting trivia tidbits, etc), more information about the bridges (maintenance records, mostly), and hopefully some traction happens with an existing CapitolRiver Council wayfinding grant.

Before that, I put together the DtStP Storefronts page as part of an effort to get some grant money. I didn’t get the grant, but I learned something about something, right? I’m sure when I look at the page again I will quickly find some things to refine.

Last year I spent some time walking the north/south streets DtStP making a map of the condition of the Sidewalk Trees. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, that work is totally out of date now, as several blocks of trees disappeared over the last few months. You can check out that page and see the dated map or, more interestingly (all relative, right?), the email thread with Councilmember Noecker, Parks Forestry, and Public Works discussing why a particular “tree hole” was removed and paved, and an unfulfilled promise to dig the new sidewalk back up and plant a (ONE) tree in that spot. That project is due for a fresh email to the Forestry department.

This stuff and everything else is a work in progress.

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