Funding BIG & small

– Funding BIG & small –

Since the last update. The DtStP Storefronts idea was pledged some funding, so I’m working with the Downtown Alliance now and beginning to decide what exactly the details are on that. I’m pretty excited about this, as it’s the first grant I’ve ever personally received. Feels validating. Check the page for updates and stay tuned for progress updates.

I just added a project page for the Music in Pedro Park events that I helped organize. I’m now officially a live music organizer but I’m more interested in leveraging the work into a guide for other people to be live music organizers. We’ll see how it goes, the first event was fun to experience though, fruits of labor or something.

Also added a handful of images to the DtStP Graphic Playground. I’ve been getting a lot of stickers of my stuff made as more and more sticker companies have been acquiring my data with the modern algorithms and sending me deep discount coupons. I’m hoping to have enough different stuff to fill a table at some kind of pop-up market (I’m pretty much there).

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