About DtStP

About DtStP

Downtown Saint Paul needs a lot of things. Anyone who spends ten minutes downtown can probably supply several ideas for the city. Spend a little more time and you’ll start going on about missed potential here and lost treasure there.

There are councils, alliances, and associations of all kinds with frequent meetings and discussions happening on downtown’s behalf. These discussions are great, you should join in—most are open to the public.

Attending many of these meetings, but still relatively new to the scene, I noticed a lot of “what about this same idea someone mentioned last time?”, “where is that?”, and “who’s responsible for fill in the blank?”

Instead of a blog, I’ve been more into the idea of using this site as a “living document” of some areas I’ve decided to personally focus on. Instead of telling a story of my discoveries, I want to share the culmination of them, and update as they develop.


DtStP.org documents my own work in the Downtown Saint Paul area, but I would like to acknowledge that this is well-tread territory. Throughout my various poking and prodding the neighborhood and relevant corners of the world wide web, I’ve come across many dedicated groups and individuals with their own goals and direction. I will try to keep track of those who have internet presence (sorry, mysterious Rice Park Association) below (not snubbing anyone, let me know if you’re missing!).

  • Friends of Mears Park – The gardeners, advocates, and neighborhood champions that keep Mears Park the stunning neighborhood amenity that it is.
  • Lowertown.info – An online visitor’s guide, news magazine, and community information portal serving the arts neighborhood of Lowertown. Possibly connected in some way to Lowertown Landing site.
  • Visit Saint Paul – Our beloved CVB, their scope is beyond Downtown but, funded by Hotel Tax, our downtown hotel density and convention spaces certainly keep us on their mind!
  • City of Saint Paul – They have a whole city to worry about, but God-bless ’em they want downtown to succeed!
  • Lowertown Future Fund – A kind of Lowertown legacy fund. LFF still exists, but they have no digital presence. I dug this link out of the Internet Wayback Machine.
  • Lowertown Landing – (aka Lowertown Neighbor?) Dedicated to supporting the continued growth and rejuvenation of the Lowertown historic district of Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m honestly not sure the linked version of this is still operating.
  • Creative Saint Paul – An attempt (2018, I think) to create a curated DtStP events calendar. I believe it was a collaboration of a few cultural organizations, but was too difficult to keep up. I dug this link out of the Internet Wayback Machine as well. (Also, their instagram, for posterity)
  • Saint Paul Concierge – Another attempt at curating a DtStP events list. No longer kept up, but certainly an effort worth mentioning.