Osborn Plaza

Capital Centre Plaza (Osborn)


Near the heart of downtown, Capital Centre Plaza, also known as Osborn Plaza (Formerly Ecolab Plaza), is a tree lined plaza with benches perfect for taking an afternoon break. It is also a popular spot to catch food trucks at lunchtime during the warmer months and offers a street-level entrance into the Skyway system through the Alliance Bank Building.




Public Space


City of St. Paul

Partner Organization(s)

Osborn 370, Pak Properties

Skygate by R.M. Fischer

Public Art/Plaques/Markers:

Skygate” Sculpture by R.M. Fischer – 2000
Formerly “Above, Above” Sculpture

Notes/Location Detail/Unique Events:

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Community Engagement/Info:

Immediate Action Items:

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Look into logistics of relationship between space and surrounding building owners (maintenance agreement, interest in activating or rennovating the space?)
  • Protect/preserve the Skygate sculpture 🙂

Potential Related Projects?

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