DtStP Projects

DtStP Projects

DtStP projects generally aren’t asking anything from the city or anyone else. Most are data/information gathering and providing aids for conversations about the city. Some are further back on the burner than others.


A comprehensive reference guide to DtStP’s Skyway System, it’s bridges, buildings, businesses, art installations, and access points.


An idea to unite public facing businesses on the streets and skyways, and their vacant brethren.

Music in Pedro Park

Pedro Park was activated with some Jazz Music in September 2020. What else can be done with that accomplishment?

Sidewalk Trees

I speak for the trees! Specifically, the dead and obviously missing tree’s on the DtStP sidewalks. Just how many are we missing and who, if anyone, is responsible for replacing them?

Life/Death of DtStP

A memorial of what we’ve lost, and some hope for what we may very well gain. Also one helluva way to survey the community?


An attempt to refer to sections of DtStP that aren’t Lowertown​ and West 7th. Placemaking!

Graphic Playground

Some just for fun DtStP graphic projects inspired by the neighborhood.

DtStP Database

A completely comprehensive database of DtStP. Parking, Buildings, Businesses, Public Spaces, Arts/Culture, Funding Sources, Community Organizations, City Departments and MORE!