7th Place

7th Place is a one-block pedestrian mall in the heart of DtStP. It’s anchored by the Palace Theatre and also long time home to Afro Deli and Park Square Theatre. Also home to several vacant storefronts, a large chunk of which is the former Walgreens location which seems to be in the midst of an intentionally vacant several year lease. The east end of the 7th place leads to a very welcoming, yet notoriously closed (after 5pm) entrance to the skyway system. So there’s room for improvement. This page is intended to be a deep-dive on this entire block and a venue to discuss the potential of the space and, by association, vacant storefronts in general DtStP.

Immediate Action Items:

  • Gather contact info for buildings and storefronts
  • Find out who’s in charge of holding events in plaza space
  • Find out status of all the spaces

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Press for alternatives to Walgreens vacancy lease
  • Replace ugly mural with better art
  • Court a long-hour coffee shop into a vacant space.

Potential Related Projects?

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