Bike Racks

Bike lanes have become very popular in local discussion and even implementation. Bike racks are severely lacking in many obvious places downtown. St. Paul transplants frequently make snarky remarks to me about having to secure their bike to a tree or other replacement in the next block. St. Paul bicycle ambassadors would be wise to carry an extra cable lock to loan out to their MPLS friends whose U-locks don’t fit around whatever makeshift bike rack is used. This project is pretty buried in the back of my priorities.

I found this map on the city website. It’s dated 2006 and I have no idea of it’s accuracy.

Immediate Action Items:

  • Confirm/Update city map
  • Learn more about the process for getting a bike rack installed
  • Find out if any codes/regulations apply

Long-Term Action Items:

Amplify knowledge gained of process and applicable regulations. Keep holding responsible parties responsible for upkeep and maintenance.

Potential Related Projects?

Sidewalk Trees

Activity Log

June 2020 – Three new bike “circle” racks were added around the Smallest Cog.

Sept. 2019 – Talked to proprietor of Subtext about their plight of trying to get a proper bike rack outside their store. They said the city requires the request or approval of the building owner, which changed hands during the process and reset the efforts.