Music in Pedro Park

Music in Pedro Park

This was not a project that I initially sought out. The Downtown Alliance was already partnering with The Friends of Mears Park and various Lowertown businesses (mostly(?) Big River Pizza, but also Bulldog) to do small live music events in Mears Park during the COVID Pandemic. A Lowertown musician who had played at one of the Mears events mentioned in passing (literally passing each other in Mears one day) that he would love to put on a similar event in Pedro Park.

Being a fan of Pedro Park and the idea generally, I told him I would reach out to the Downtown Alliance and let them know of the interest. I figured they would either take the idea on or say their plate was full. Either way, that my role would be done after the initial email. Instead I accepted the duties of confirming the musicians (which my original contact made pretty simple), and creating and distributing flyers to promote the events.

The Idea

Part One: Activate Pedro Park with (two) small music events. In doing so, show proof of concept that Pedro works well for activations, as well as provide a reason to reach out to neighboring businesses and residential managers and test the effectiveness of the DtStP Small Business and Residential Databases.

Part Two: Create a guide for Pedro (and general) activations for anyone interested to use for future events. (CapitolRiver Council Pedro Project Page).

Photos from 9/11/20

Immediate Action Items:

  • Create “Pedro Activation Guide”.

Long-Term Action Items:

  • CapitolRiver Council – Arts Culture & Events (ACE) and/or Friends of Pedro to facilitate additional activations.

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