Subtext Storefront

Subtext Storefront


Subtext Books opened in 2012 and moved to DtStP in 2016. They’re located on 5th & Wabasha Streets in the Saint Paul Building (formerly the Germania Bank Building), which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Subtext has a substantial amount of street-facing frontage but has never had a permanent sign on the exterior and often use a sandwich board on the sidewalk.

Subtext would benefit from a permanent exterior sign, which could enhance visibility and draw in more customers. However, Subtext has anticipated historical preservation obstacles and, due to the limited time and resources many small businesses face, as well as a change in building ownership, the store has yet to secure a permanent exterior sign. 

The Status Quo

Shared building/store entrance on left, one more similar window set out of frame to the right.
The view from the “Driving Approach” sidewalk (5th Street is one way this direction)

Potential Sign Ideas

Very visible, but maybe too much for the upstairs neighbors/HPC??
Very commonplace style/size of 90° sign downtown.
Lettering cutouts across the two sections. Also lettering added to the window bay tops.
One Section Sign
Alternate coloring options (Only limited by your imagination)

Other Signs Found in the Neighborhood

Former Dunn Bros across the Street, Lowertown Wine & Spirits from another Historic Registry building in Lowertown
Afro Deli and Taco Libre 90° signs
Pillbox Tavern and Savoy Pizza, both on the Treasure Island Center building

Immediate Action Items:

  • Communicate with building ownership.
  • Communicate with City/Historic Preservation Committee.
  • Narrow down desired Signage.
  • Get quotes from sign companies.

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Install Sign
  • Track success metrics