DtStP Public Realm

DtStP Public Realm


The Community District Council system in Saint Paul began in the 1970s with the notion that the city should engage with community members in planning their neighborhoods because they inherently have an “expertise” in a perspective most of the city staff don’t have: they live there!

With the complexities of city planning processes and the slow speed at which volunteer councils/committees tend to operate, it can be very difficult to manifest this expertise in a meaningful way. This website is intended to be a cumulative embodiment of that expertise via the CapitolRiver Council’s Public Realm Committee.

The Public Realm

Parks & Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS)

These are the obvious (and sometimes not-so-obvious) public places in our downtown neighborhood.

Working Public Space Doc


For some reason sidewalk trees are a struggle for DtStP, but there’s also vacant storefronts, accessibility issues in the winter, and micro-blight galore!

Public Art

DtStP has an ample supply of existing public art. Here you’ll be able to find it and resources about it, as well as some of the places with the greatest potential for MORE public art!

Working Public Art Doc