7th Place

7th Place Mall


7th Place is a one-block pedestrian mall in the heart of DtStP. It’s anchored by the Palace Theatre and long time home to Afro Deli and Park Square Theatre. Also home to several vacant storefronts, a large chunk of which is the former Walgreens location. The east end of the 7th place leads to a very welcoming, yet notoriously closed (after 5pm) entrance to the skyway system.


Once part of 7th Street, 7th Place was converted to a pedestrian street in 1983. The city paid for the conversion and the adjacent building owners (Grace Building, Hamm Building, 7th Place) signed an agreement to pay an annual assessment for the maintenance and upkeep.




Public Space


City of St. Paul

Partner Organization(s)

Adjacent Building Owners (Grace, 7th Place, Hamm)

Public Art/Plaques/Markers:

Hamm’s Bear Shrine
Grace Building Murals

Notes/Location Detail/Unique Events:

Seasonal Thursday Farmer’s Market

Official Docs:

1983 Agreement with HRA
10/16/19 City Council Agenda Item
9/11/19 City Council Agenda Item
10/7/20 City Council Agenda Item

Community Engagement/Info:

10/2/20 email inquiry to CM Noecker to clarify 7th Place agreement, subsequently looped in Andy Hestness (PED Project Manager) and Bruce Engelbrekt (St. Paul Real Estate Division):

One of the property owners – in this case a property management company for the Grace Building owner (see attached letter) – collects the maintenance fees from the other two properties, then sends that amount to our Assessments office to process as an assessment, which we do. 


A longer explanation is this:  It is our understanding that the owners, via separate agreement executed in 1983, collectively manage the maintenance of 7th Place Mall and share the maintenance expenses.  One of the property owners has generally been responsible for facilitating these tasks.  It now appears to be the owner of the Grace Building.  The reason the City is involved is that under a separate 1983 agreement between the City, HRA, Port and property owners, the City is supposed to assess for annual maintenance costs the property owners are obligated to pay (or costs the City may pay if we have to step in and do maintenance).  We ratify the assessment but do not try to collect on it as long as the owners have paid the maintenance costs and the City hasn’t incurred any costs.  To our knowledge over the years the owners have taken care of maintenance and the City has not incurred maintenance costs, but we continue to ratify the assessment.  The only thing we actually collect is our administrative processing fee, which we send to the owners’ representative via registered bill (and they pay it).

– Bruce Engelbrekt, St. Paul Real Estate Division, 10/14/20 Email

Immediate Action Items:

  • Gather contact info for buildings and storefronts
  • Find out who’s in charge of holding events in plaza space
  • Find out status of all the spaces

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Assess the community and artistic value of existing murals on Grace Building

Potential Related Projects?

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