Skyway Bridge 55

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MNDOT #94241

Year: 1986

Connected Buildings
Gilbert Building (413 N Wacouta) (North)
Railroader Building (South)
Park Square Court (South)

Adjacent Bridges
Bridge 14 (Southwest)
Bridge 15 (Southeast)

Full Skyway Map
Crosses Alley between Cedar St. & Wacouta St.

Bridge 55 Agreement

Skyway 55 Agreement (PDF)
Skyway 55 Agreement ACCURATE skyway85-agreement 2019-10-23 (PDF)
Skyway 55 Agreement File 1947 Easement & 2008 RC Torrens (PDF)

Railroader & Gilbert Skyway Level
Gilbert Building on Wacouta St.


This bridge is privately owned and maintained by the Gilbert Building. It would seem that the city had considered financing this bridge much earlier and backed out, then at some point a group identified as the “Lowertown Five” stepped in and made it happen. John Manillo has told me he was part of this deal, so I assume he and the signing partner, Stephen B. Wellington, Jr. were two of the Lowertown Five. I will have to ask him who the other three were next time I see him.


A comprehensive guide to the climate controlled city owned bridges that make the skyway the skyway. 


Essentially the same information presented in the bridges section, only sorted by building.


Why is this door locked? Where ARE the doors? How do I get in? How do I get OUT? Skyway access is one of the more perplexing aspects of the DtStP Skyway.


Getting from A to B can be quite an undertaking. There are maps and signs in every building but how helpful are they and what does improving them mean?

Immediate Action Items:


  • Determine what content is most valuable
  • Go through agreements and add any additional buildings included
  • Get consistent photos for all skyway bridges
  • Compile information in a spreadsheet/database

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Redraw easements to modern technology standards (or submit a request that DSI do it?)
  • Obtain hi-res skway level building maps and integrate with bridges and access maps, creating a SUPERmap.
  • Add a comprehensive buildings section to the mix, including all spaces vacant and occupied.
  • Integrate database with comprehensive DtStP database.

Potential Related Projects?

DtStP Database

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